First House:-
Wealthy, elegant, handsome, attractive personality, illness
related to cold, pneumonia, epilepsy, number of children, fear
from water, fond of wandering, charm, attracts opposite sex,
liked by friends, suffers from ailment of walking and speaking
during sleep, whimsical, mediator, secret planner, interest in
medical field. Confident, learns some art before doing main
occupation, frequent transfers, changes in residence. Ill health
at the age of 27.
If in sign Aries, Taurus or Cancer – benefic results. If of
Krishna Paksha – one son must. If of Krishna Paksha but
very weak – malefic, headache, injury from vehicle or animal.
If exalted or debilitated – wealthy. If in Leo sign – position of
authority in committee or society. If in Capricorn sign- lazy
but interested in opposite sex. If in Aquarius sign – bulky
body, hard worker. If in Sagittarius sign – knowledge of religion.
If in sign Aries, Leo or Sagittarius -impatient. If in Libra sign –
learned. If debilitated – ill health and deligent. If in Aries or
Scorpio or Cancer or Aquarius sign and also with Venus and
aspected by malefic – illicit relation with number of females. If
Moon is weak – eyes trouble, poor, disgraceful, deaf and
dumb, neurological problems. If lord of Moon’s sign is in
kendra and aspected by Saturn – unlucky yoga. If with Mars
– wealth does not leave company. Weak Moon in kendra
always bestows good results.
In female horoscope – ill health, charming, peace loving,
prosperous, if Moon is strong suffers from epilepsy, marriage
at early age. If Moon is of Shukla- Paksha – Extremely
beautiful. If of Krishna Paksha-poor, ill health, quarrelsome,
dirty clothes. If Moon is with Mars – problem in menstruation,
romantic. If in Aries, Scorpio, Cancer or Aquarius sign and
aspected by malefic planet – having illicit relation with other
males. If Sun is in 11th house and Mercury is in 10th house –
becomes queen.
Second House:-
Number of sons, happy, enjoys the life, good health, weakness
for women, enjoys with family, beautiful, likes foreign land,
endurance, fortunate, wealthy, brown hairs, red eyes, talkative.
Luck helps at the age of 27. Enjoys company of beautiful
females, charm attracts opposite sex, wealth stays permanently
at home, stammers, Loss of money through sister or daughter.
If with Mars – poor, skin – disease, both the planets become
incapable of giving good results. If with benefic planets –
financial gain at the age of 27. If with lord of 2nd house –
Rajyoga. If Moon is weak – stammers, financially week, stupid,
indifferent in behavior. If debilitated – sorrow, poor. If in
Scorpio or Capricorn sign – malefic. If week Moon is
aspected by Mercury – loss of hard earned assets. If alone in
Aquarius sign – recovery of lost money, sound financial position
after marriage. If in Taurus sign- conveyance. If in quadruped
sign – four wheeler conveyance (car). If with Mercury – eyes
trouble. If in Gemini sign along with Jupiter – Rajyoga, coborns
are very happy.
In female horoscope – prosperous, progeny, benefic for father
and husband, good character, polite, very devoted to husband,
has her own principles and ways, devotee, charitable, throat
problem specially Thyroid certain.
3rd house:-
Income through own efforts, Weakness for women but never
gets defamed, Religious, Famous, Disposition is happy and
cheerful, Believer of God, sweat tongue, Happiness of
Brothers/ Sons / Friends, settles in foreign country, Learned,
Protects religion, Goes abroad from 27th to 30th year of age.
Peralized by Govt. due to crime committed or financial loss at
the age of 24. Breast-fed by lady other than mother, co-born
at the age of 5. Cough, frequent changes in business, earns
money through his own efforts.
If with Rehu/Ketu – courageous put miser. If exalted –
pleasure seeker. If debilitated – malefic, miser, quarrelsome.
If with Venus – special benefic results during main/ sub period
of Venus. If with lord of Lagna and lord of 6th house – breathing
problems, throat problem or piles. If with Mars – intelligent,
wealth, high status, enjoys all comforts of life. If with Mercury
– poet, artist, wealthy.
In female horoscope – happy, happiness from co-borns,
beautiful, journeys, sexy but secretive, miser, ingratitude,
problem with children, children not capable, cough and gastric
problems. Harsh, gets angry very soon, bad company.
Fourth House:-
Desire of getting high status, happiness from spouse and son,
Donor, happy, good health, generous, intelligent, lucky after
marriage, wealth, facility for conveyance, suffers from ailments
of cold, problems in old age, frequent changes in profession,
Profession of water borne things like fish, conch-shell, pearls
etc. profitable, Devotee, keeps the females happy, lives in
palatial house. Marine trade, manufacturer or trading of
patented medicines, perfumes, oils, power etc.
If having directional strength – high status. If in Sagittarius
sign – troubles upto 4th year of age. If strong – fame, successful
in politics, money flows towards him automatically, impressive
personality. If in enemy sign – quarrelsome, devoid of mother’s
happiness, happy in childhood, sufferings in adulthood, dispute
with co-borns and near relations. If with Jupiter – very wealthy.
If of Poornima – definitely enjoying high status. If exalted and
aspected by Jupiter – senior officer. If with Venus – having
contacts with mean and wicked people. If with Mercury –
sufferings, does not get the benefic results of Moon. Mother
suffers at the age of 36, mother short-lived. If with Marswealthy
provided Saturn is not posited in 4th or 10th house.
In female horoscope – prosperous, conveyance, suffers from
cough, cold, and chest – pain. Water injury, gets costly
jewellery, proficient in many arts, fond of gems and jewellery,
religious, fond of meat, enjoys sex. If Moon is weak – fear,
sick. If in Taurus sign and aspectd by Jupiter-wife of senior
Fifth House:-
Male progeny, happiness from progeny, good income, fame,
fond of jewels, landlord, earns by lending money on interest,
deligent, playful, idealistic and sets up his own standards, good
qualities, speculative gains, impressive while walking, advisor
in government service, tantrik, fulfills his desires by
worshipping goddesses like Durga, Kali etc., His wife has
mark between breasts, business of milk and milk products
highly beneficial.
If in Cancer sign – more daughters than sons. If in Cancer
sign and Mars is also in 11th house – extremely rich. If
debilitated – suffers from ailment of water being retained in
stomach. If Moon is weak and malefics are in 1st, 7th, or 12th
houses – unmarried or widower or divorcee. If in Taurus or
Cancer sign –gains in speculation. If in Sagittarius– faith in
religion. If exalted – happiness from wife and son. If Moon is
weak – devoid of happiness from spouse, daughters playful.
If aspected by Saturn –cheat. If aspected by or in conjunction
with malefics-childless, wicked, possibility of progeny possible
after age of 52. If with Jupiter – Moon not in a position of
giving benefic results. (This is an exception of Gaj Kesri Yoga).
If in Taurus, Leo, Virgo or Scorpio signs – hardly one or two
In female horoscope – intelligent, prosperous, beautiful,
obedient of husband, able children, good conduct, having
number of servants, wealthy, excellent behavior. If Moon is
weak or aspected by malefic – malefic results. If Moon is in
Cancer sign - more number of daughters.
Sixth house:-
Ailments of mouth, opponent of king but respected in society,
enemies are afraid of him, short lived, cough, extravagant,
eyes – trouble, quarrelsome, injury from water, stomachache,
sexual, masturbation, dehydration, does not feel hungry
(Dyspepsia). Suffers at the age of 8th or 23 rd. Sexual
intercourse with widow at the age of 36. Not devoted to father,
devoid of mother’s attention, does get happiness from maternal
uncle, asthmatic.
If with Venus – expenditure on females, venereal disease, If
with Rehu or Ketu – dyspepsia, fear from water, retention of
water in stomach. If full Moon – long-lived, cough and windy
problems, dyspepsia, sexual, number of enemies, promotion
in service. If benefic - –good health, well built and strong. If
Moon is weak-ill health, sufferings. If exalted – throat troubles.
If debilitated – piles. If in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces
signs – cough. If with Saturn – liver enlargement. If of Krishna
Paksha and with malefic – tuberculosis. If with Jupiter – weak
eyesight. If in Capricorn sign and Saturn is in 12th house –
excess expenditure. If with lord of 3rd house – breast feeding
by lady other than own mother.
In female horoscope – ill health from childhood, quarrelsome,
short lived, opponent, dispute, number of enemies, playful,
financial crisis, impolite, injured by husband. If Moon is strong
in Taurus or Cancer sign – all comforts in life.
Seventh house;-
Happiness from spouse, gains in trading, attracted by opposite
sex specially if Moon is of Krishna Paksha, fond of delicious
food, greedy, civilized leader, judge, sea travel, promptness,
love marriage, handsome, spouse also beautiful, attraction
between husband and wife, frequent changes in the profession,
sudden financial gains from wife or son, fond of travelling,
speculative gains, gains from things produced in water, gain in
partnership. Business in grocery, milk and milk products, grain,
restaurant, commission agent, insurance always profitable.
If with Venus – more than one marriage (legal or illegal) or
extra – marital relations. If exalted – two marriages, luck will
help only after marriage. If debilitated and with Rahu / Ketuinsomnia.
In signs other than Taurus and Cancer – handsome,
lucky, loss of married life. If debilitated or in enemy’s sign –
spouse wicked / quarrelsome / having extra marital relations.
If of Krishna Paksha – greedy, fond of sweets, sexual. If in
Taurus –most sexual. If weak in Taurus sign – ailments of
semen and urine. If weak and afflicted with malefics – spouse
having ill health. If in odd sign – harsh. If with Saturn or
aspected by Saturn – devoid of marital happiness, delay in
marriage, spouse older than him, without son, spouse having
extra marital relations. If with Jupiter and Mercury – land lord,
all comforts in life. If in Taurus, Sagittarius, Aquarius or Pisces
sign – early marriage. If with exalted Jupiter – very wealthy.
In female horoscope – gets excellent husband, dear of
husband, intelligent, prosperous, ordinary in appearance,
religious, soft spoken, fame, cunning, If Moon is weak –
deprived of happiness from husband. If Moon is with Saturn
– remarriage.
Eighth House:-
Ill health, chronic diseases, diabetes, cough. Intelligent, gains
in business, talkative, priggish, jealous, wicked, corrupt, makes
fool of others, short lived, problems with government, fear
from water, fever, inflammation, serious sufferings at the age
of 36 and 40. Problems at the age of 6 and 10. Doctors are
always present in the house because of continuous ill health.
Rheumatism, fear from thieves, leaves motherland, servants
leak out secrets of house. Loss of wealth at the age of 44.
If in own / friendly sign – asthmatic. If with benefic planets –
gains from partnership. If with Jupiter – fear from water at the
age of 32. If afflicted with Mars and Venus – death due to
drowning, untimely death, sudden death of mother. If in Taurus
or Cancer sign with benefics or aspected by a benefic –
longlived. If afflicted with malefic – fear of sudden death. If
Moon is weak – short lived. If in watery sign and with Jupiter
and aspected by malefic – tuberculosis. If with Saturn – liver
disease. If weak and of Krishna Paksha and with malefic –
In female horoscope – grieved, malefic, short lived, ill health,
frail constitution, angry, eyes troubles, wicked, deformed
breasts. If Moon is in own sign/ exalted or in friendly sign –
not malefic. If with malefic or aspected by malefic – possibility
of death in childhood. If Moon is with Jupiter – malefic results.
Ninth House:-
Good income in administrative services, get all comforts,
happiness from friends / sons / near relations, fame in society,
fortunate in the young age. Sound health, son has chest pain
throughout the life / cough/ pneumonia, financial gains, donor,
ascetic, hard worker, famous for judgement, playful, intelligent,
bookworm, brave, few brothers, successful in all ventures,
happiness from charming females, pilgrimage at the age of
20. Happiness from progeny, gains in partnership, leader in
public, devotee, devotee of father, charm attracts opposite
sex, gains in tourism, lucky at the age of 24.
If in male sign – devoid of elder brother and younger sister. If
in fixed sign – devoid of elder sister and younger brother. If
full Moon with strong planets – extremely fortunate, father
long lived. If with benefics- long lived. If with Venus – wicked
spouse. If weak or debilitated – poor, lacking qualities, atheist.
If aspected or afflicted with a malefic – unlucky. If with
malefics- sexual relations with wife of preceptor or with a
female older in age.
In female horoscope-religious, social, happy, prosperous,
happiness from parents, intelligent, understands psychology
of others, clever, lucky, gets appreciation, good sons and
servants. If Moon is weak or debilitated or in enemy’s sign –
devoid of spiritual and material comforts. If Moon is benefic
and strong – good results.
Tenth House:-
Serious disposition, happiness from coborns and near
relations, honour from government, devoid of happiness form
first child, proficient, generous, businessman, famous, brings
laurels for family, always helpful to others, gains from
government, winner, financial gains at the age of 27 and 43.
Business of ornamental articles, doctor, manufacturer of
medicines. Father suffers from 36th to 40th year of age,
fortunate at the age of 24, frequent changes in profession and
transfers in service, shrude spouse, sufferings in infancy, earns
in the business of prostitution, gains from females of good
If afflicted with malefics – cold and cough. If with Ketu –
Rajyog. If full Moon – Rajyog (Definite). If in enemy’s sign or
in the sign of malefic planet – ill heath, unfortunate. If with
malefic – sinner, defamation due to relation with widow at the
age of 27. If in moveable sign-instability in business. If with
Mars – tremendous loss. If with Saturn – loss in business. If
in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn sign – number of changes
in profession. If with Mercury – sufferings in old age. If with
Jupiter – definitely a gazetted officer in government. If with
exalted Jupiter – very wealthy.
In female horoscope – prosperous, Rajyog, wealth, happy
family, enjoying high status, good conduct, famous, full with
jewellery, main person in family, donor, religious.
Eleventh House:-
Fame, gains from mother, honoured by government, position
of authority, permanent rich, more female progeny, good
qualities, happy, liked by everybody, long-lived, likes foreign
countries, proficient in government work, service in bank or
treasury, happiness from sons, comforts from servants,
happiness from spouse, minister, adviser, secretary, astrologer,
historian. Financial gains at the age of 16, 20, 24, 45, honour
at the age of 27. Gets son at the age of 50, successful in
business and politics. If birth in nights – removes malefic effect
of other planets. Bold in speech, clever, handsome, always
adopts right path, comforts of different type of vehicles.
If in own sign – comforts of vehicles, sea- travel. If weak / in
enemy’s sign / debilitated – ill health, devoid of comforts. If
with Venus – comforts of vehicle, educated. If with Saturn-
In female horoscope – happy, wealthy, prosperous, sudden
gains, diplomatic, donor, polite, enjoys good health. If Moon
is weak – even then good results. If Moon is of Krishna
Paksha – slight decrease in benefic results.
Twelfth House:-
Slender body, lucky due to mother, fear of enemies, eye
troubles- specially in left eye, expenditure for good cause.
Does not have permanent friendship with females, unsuccessful
in fulfilling desires, playful, injury near eyes, expenditure in
pleasure seeking, deligent, lazy, sad, defamed, fond of food,
handicapped, wicked, husband of ill wife. Educated, fear of
water at the age of 45, no happiness from maternal or paternal
side, defamation due to contact with females, people do not
have faith in him, occult science.
If in Aquarius sign-short-lived. If in Cancer or Pisces sign –
Rajyog, knowledge of mantras, speculator, suffers from cold.
If afflicted with Mars and Sun-dispute in family. Penalty from
government, prison, loss in gambling. If in Scorpio or
Capricorn signs – cheat, wicked. If strong – service, wicked
boss. If with benefic – intelligent, good deeds. If weak / with
malefic / in enemy’s sign – sinner, loss of left eye, no salvation.
If Moon is weak – angry, deformity in the body. If aspected
by malefics-prison. Father changes residence in the main
period of Moon.
In female horoscope – weak eyesight, extravagant,
expenditure in pleasure seeking, handicapped, windy ailments,
changing nature, does not have any principles, always suffering
from ill health.
If Moon is in Aquarius sign in any of the house – beautiful,
donor, famous, prosperous, wealthy, enjoys good health.

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