1st House:-
Tall body, nose and forehead high, well proportioned body.
Mentally disturbed with spouse and members of in-laws. Fond
of tourism, foreign travel. Establishment away from homeland.
Financial ups and downs. Gets angry very soon, self-respect,
brave, courageous, playful. Problems in marriage. Ambitious,
body ache, injury in head, weak eyesight, bald-headed.
Whimsical, apprehensive, suspicious. Loss of wealth and
property and therefore assets keep on varying. Health
problems at the age of 15, mostly suffers from eczema.
If debilitated, marriage not possible before age of 24, loss of
wealth and son, loss of respect and honour. If exalted, wealth,
intellectual ability, darkness before eyes, cataract, squint,
Greedy, famous.
If Sun in own sign, suffers from night blindness. If aspected
by or in conjunction with benefic planets native gets only good
results. If Sun in Cancer sign eyes small, if in Aries or Leo
sign heart trouble. If in Scorpio or Pisces sign very famous
person. If aspected by Mars, suffers from T.B., Asthma. If
aspected by Saturn, develops suicidal tendencies.
In female horoscope - Angry, self-respect, playful, obstinate,
picks up quarrel, argumentative, deprived of husband’s
attention. If aspected by Saturn, suicidal tendencies, stubborn,
head injury, headache, harsh in speech, dependant on other’s
food, ungrateful, ill health in childhood, contact with lower
grade people. If exalted or in own sign, luxurious life.
2nd house.
Slender body, frail constitution, red eyes, extremely lucky,
impatience in listening to others. Invests money for a good
cause. Does not maintain good relations with members of inlaws.
Suffering from ear-nose and throat (ENT) problems.
Earns through the business of non-ferrous metals. Penalized
by government. Wealth and property acquired by Govt. Defect
in speech, stammers, stays in other’s house. Well educated.
Embezzles govt. money. Not affectionate with family members
and spouse. Wealthy but pays fine to govt. in one form or
other. Diseases of mouth. Death of husband after death of
If Sun in signs 1, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12 excellent results. If Sun in signs
7, 10, and 11 or in enemy sign then beneficial effect is reduced.
Penalized in the age from 17 to 25, loss of money through
theft. If in enemy sign or aspected by a malefic, problem in
right eye. If aspected by Saturn, poor, danger from thief or
govt. If in conjunction with Rahu- very wealthy person.
In female horoscope – loss of wealth and family, poor, Throat
problems. If Sun in own sign- prosperity. Jealous, quarrelsome,
no friends, harsh in talking, without devotion, eyes problems,
devoid of marital happiness. If Sun is exalted – wealthy and
happy. If Sun in own sign or owner of benefic house – good
3rd House:-
Bold, adventurous, dignified, fond of visiting religious places.
Oppressed by brothers. Victorious in wars, wrestling and
games. Honour from government, poet, intellectual, interested
in meditation, yoga. Religious, very hard worker, sportsman,
immense ability for occultism. Enmity with relatives, Having
loyal servants. Always in company with good looking and
charming ladies, having number of disciples to serve. Destroyer
of elder brothers, Fear of animals at the age of five, financial
gains at the age of 20, having more number of cousin brothers.
Comfort of conveyance, interest in science and art, living with
brother may be harmful for both.
If Sun is weak than chances of fracture in the hand. If Sun is
malefic- danger from fire and poison. If sun is aspected by
malefic – chances of death of brother/ sister or sister getting
widow. If debilitated – ear problems, extravagant in
In female horoscope:- Begets sons, dignified, luxurious life,
sportswoman, proficient in dancing, settles away from the
native place, Foreign travel, devoid of happiness from brothers/
sisters. Large breast, loving husband, health normal, good
looking, protects others. If Saturn is in sixth house husband is
having very high status.
4th House :-
Grieved, handsome, settles away from native place. Defeated,
destroyer of father’s property, Desire for learning occult
subjects, Devoid of comfort of conveyance. Ill health of
mother, self-health suffers, fearful. Heart troubles Devoid of
comforts of friends, luxuries, land and property. Employed in
govt. service, Handicapped or problem in some vital organ of
body. Have sexual relations with number of females. Progress
at the age of 22. Efficiency of work improves at the age of
30. Does not get inherited property of father, even if gets, the
same is destroyed. Fond of roaming around unnecessarily.
Mentally disturbed. Gets company of selfish friends. Difficult
to get success in politics, interested in philosophy. Gets honour
and wealth from govt. Not in good term with brothers. Likely
to face defeat.
If aspected by malefic - comfort of conveyance normal. If
exalted/ in own sign/ aspected by benefic – honour by Govt.
in old age. If with Venus – Raj yog. If with Mars – death after
falling from high place or may be an accident. If in sign Scorpio
– heat in the body and burning sensation in hands.
In female horoscope – difficult life, problem to self and mother.
Heat in body and heart, Heavy menses, No charm on the
face, Health normal, hatred from opposite sex, Big and long
teeth, interested in sculpture, wife of senior officer, less number
of children.
Fifth House:-
Angry disposition, death of first son. Normally one or at the
most two sons. Status of one of the son higher than the native.
Problems in childhood, wealth in young age. Interested in
theatre, cinema etc. Fond of speculative activities, hiking, and
trekking. Stomach disorders, intelligent, accumulates wealth
by his own efforts. Expert in Tantra mantra. cheat, fraudulent,
heart trouble. Devotee of Lord Shiva.
If Sun with Rahu/ Ketu –death of sons due to Sarpa Dosha.
If in own sign – death of first child or abortion. If in moveable
sign – happiness through progeny. If in dual sign- loss of
progeny. If with or aspected by malefic planets – more female
issues. If with or aspected by benefic – male progeny, If with
Moon or Jupiter – normal happiness through progeny. If in
sign Cancer – possibility of having progeny through second
marriage. If in Sagittarius sign along with Jupiter – wealth in
abundance. If in own sign and Jupiter is posited in 11th house,
wealthy. If benefic- speculation gains.
In female horoscope – No male progeny, intelligent, problems
with first child, famous, scholar, bold, courteous, bulky face,
obedient of parents, leader in females, disciplined, charming
6th House :-
Destroyer of enemies, expenditure on friends and person
connected with govt., problem to the maternal side. Injured
by four legged airmails. Good health, problem of gall bladder/
kidney stones, gastric troubles, kidney problems. Luck favours
at the age of 23. Bad luck for maternal uncle, high status,
famous, wealth, meritorious. Mental problems, fond of eating
good food, very sexy. Teeth get damaged by wood or stone.
If with benefic or aspected by benefic- excellent health. If
Sun is weak – weak and short lived. If in Taurus, Scorpio or
Aquarius signs ailments of throat, heart and back bone. If in
Gemini, Virgo, or Pisces sign- cough and T.B. If in Cancer,
Libra and Capricorn signs – gastric troubles, arthritis, stomach
disorders. If in Sagittarius sign with Mercury – enjoys very
high status in society.
In female horoscope – wealthy, destroyer of enemies, enemity,
quarrelsome, stomach disorder, gastric trouble; dehydration,
good looking, good character, religious, extremely popular,
lucky, successful in politics.
7th House :-
Hindrance in marriage, problems with spouse, grieved,
mentally disturbed. Possibility of second marriage, venereal
disease, piles, fistula. Fond of opposite sex, spouse priggish,
insulted by spouse. Profit and loss in business, wanders
aimlessly, problem from govt. side, wicked spouse. Long
separation from spouse. Profit in partnership business. Help
from yantra power, fame in society and war. Good income in
the age of 24, foreign travels at the age of 25. Involved in
activities against Govt., no happiness from conveyance, gets
name and fame everywhere.
If sun is debilitated– marriage not possible before 24 years. If
exalted- educated and intelligent spouse. If malefic or in enemy
sign – characterless spouse. If strong or in own sign – single
marriage. If in Capricorn sign – problem with spouse. If with
Saturn – spouse of doubtful chastity. If with Rahu – loss of
wealth in company of females. If with Moon and aspected by
Saturn – thorough corrupt. If with Jupiter – enjoys good health,
enjoys all material comforts, handsome, rich, fond of jewels.
If with Venus- characterless spouse with the consent of native.
8th House:-
Short life, cheat, cunning, always with mental worries. Short
tempered, impatient, and wealthy. Fond of having sexual
relation with foreigners. Drunkard, ill health, fond of non- veg
food. Loss of money in theft or wealth is destroyed due to
native’s laziness. Beloved of fair sex, venereal diseases,
widower, fire-accidents. Fear of firearms. Gets money through
spouse, problem in right eye, children suffer from ill health,
loss of wealth, friends and life. Chances of untimely death
during the age of 30-33 years, unsuccessful till the age of 33,
suffering equivalent to death at the age of 3, head injury at the
age of 10. Unnecessary arguments with colleagues, Death of
husband before the death of wife.
If with benefic planets – no head injury. If in enemy’s signdeath
due to electric shock, snake bite or poison. If in male
sign – chastity of wife doubtful. If exalted or in own sign –
long life.
In female horoscope – widow, sexy, fear of theft and fire. If
aspected by Mars death due to fire is certain even if aspected
by benefices. Train accident, fond of travelling, settles in foreign
country, ill- health. No comforts, poor, bad-deeds, injury or
wound in the body, tendency of high blood pressures. Playful,
deprived of husband’s attention. If Sun is in own sign – barren
or sterile. If with Mars and Venus - involved into prostitution.
If with Venus – Characterless. If with Saturn and Venus or
with Mars and Venus – either characterless or ascetic provided
the difference in longitudes of these planets is not much.
9th House:-
Happy, father short- lived, difference of opinion with father,
donor, ascetic, devotee, leader, astrologer, loss of fame,
opponent, land-lord, lucky, progress with the help of others,
long – lived, ill health during childhood, prosperous in
adulthood, happiness from conveyance & servants, full benefit
of human life.
If exalted or in own sign – father long- lived. If debilitated –
worries and asceticism, If malefic or in enemy’s sign – harmful
for father. If exalted –very lucky, prosperous, luck will help at
every stage in life. If with Moon – wealthy, powerful personality.
If in Sagittarius sign with Mercury – benefic results.
In female horoscope – religious, loss of fortune, fantasies,
asceticism, large number of enemies, happy in middle age but
unhappy in old age. Harmful if debilitated.
Tenth House:-
Being digbali gives high status in government, intelligent, govt.
recognizes his hard work, problems to mother, own- relatives
become opponents, govt. service must, excellent behavior,
recognition from govt., generous, enjoys the life, all types of
happiness, happiness from progeny and conveyance, angrydisposition,
expenditure, progress in politics, successful
administrator, happiness from father & relatives, full of the
jewels and gems, full benefit of human life, ill health in old age.
Separation from near relation or from very dear object at the
age of 19. Fame in education after the age of 18. Suffering to
father at the age of 28. Fortunate at the age of 30.
If in own sign – respect by govt. If lord of Trikona houses –
Healthy wealthy. If debilitated – characterless. If in sign Taurus
– successful in agriculture. If in sign Cancer – profit through
water travel. If in sign Aries or Leo – hunter, violent, builds
religious place. If with/ aspected by malefic – sinner. If
aspected by any three planets – famous, close to king. If in
sign Taurus with Mercury – wealthy. If lord of 10th house and
Saturn are in 3rd house – respect, healthy, becomes very
famous at an early age.
In female horoscope – recognition by govt., devoid of
happiness from father, ascetic, always suffering from ill health,
interest in dancing and singing, priggish, charitable, progeny.
Eleventh House:-
Wealthy, long- lived, no sufferings in life, income from govt.,
sudden gains, enemies are afraid. Officer in bank, treasury,
number of enemies – even then victorious. People obey him,
beautiful and prosperous wife, learned, stomach – troubles,
trust worthy, children create problems, eliminates all malefic
effects if birth during daytime. Gets conveyance at the age of
25. High status interested in singing. leader, very beautiful eyes,
not helpful for elder brother.
If in own sign – income through govt., animals, litigation or
thieves. If lord of 4th house – all material comforts and wealth.
If weak – malefic results. If in Sagittarius sign or aspected by
Moon or Jupiter – marriage with girl of high family.
In female horoscope – prosperous, recognition from govt.,
govt. service or serving in bank or treasury. Gains, comforts,
happiness from progeny, artist, self-reliant, with sons and
grandsons, proficient in various arts, praised by relatives and
brothers, abortions.
Twelfth House:-
Sinner, corrupt, eyes trouble, bodyache, lazy, mentally sick,
journeys, poverty, settles in foreign country or foreign travel
must, opponent of father, weak eye-sight, financial loss, fine,
penalty, imposition of tax, no son, habit of stealing, loss at the
age of 28 to 32, disease of private parts at the age of 36,
victorious, loss during travel, trouble to uncle or does not
maintain cordial relation with uncle, unreligious, deformity of
some organ, having illicit relation with other ladies, hunter of
birds. Ailments of thigh, wife impotent.
If exalted – progeny. If weak – fear of penalty, bondage from
govt., loss of wealth, may have to leave own country. If with
malefic planets- number of journeys, extravagant, No marital
happiness. If Sun a benefic planet or exalted – separation
from brothers. If with Saturn and Moon – bankrupt. If with
lord of 9th house – fortunate due to father. If with Moon –
eyesight of both the eyes weak or may become blind. If in
Virgo sign – life more than 75 years.
In female horoscope – angry, extravagant, weak eye- sight,
settles in foreign country or foreign travel, impolite, expenditure
in bad deeds, passionate, fond of liquor, non- vegetarian food.
Chastity doubtful.


  1. Sir can u predict my profession. Pls hlp me. Thank u...

  2. Name- karan kakkar
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    Please tell about my evil plannets and also my career.whether should i go for job or business or what type of business please help me

  3. Name- karan kakkar
    Dob-6 march 1990
    Place- New Delhi

    Please tell about my evil plannets and also my career.whether should i go for job or business or what type of business please help me

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