First House:-
Pushful and aggressive, stubborn, fear from iron/fire/woodenstick,
sufferings from spouse and children, ambitious, ailment
of private parts, wealthy, famous, delay in marriage till 27th
year of age, widower, charm attracts opposite sex, never
hesitates to pick up a quarrel even with boss, blood-disease,
mole on private parts, frequent travel, stomach and teeth
trouble in the childhood, head-injury, ill at the age of 5, angry,
suffering, difficult to convince him. If at the Sandhi of 1st and
2nd house –definite throat problem, delay in achieving the
objectives, irritation in the navel, no endurance to cope with
prolonged hardships. Devoid of happiness from mother, very
hard worker but unlucky.
If Saturn is in 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, or 8th, houses – never caught
while accepting bribe. If in Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Libra,
Scorpio or Pisces sign – spouse suffers. If in own sign or
debilitated – gets very important position. If with Sun or Saturn
– jealous of mother. If with malefics/ benefics – short lived,
eyes trouble, windy problems. If in Scorpio or Capricorn sign
– healthy, long lived, famous, If in Cancer or Pisces sign –
wicked, drunkard. If aspect of Moon of Libra sign – cruel. If
with lord of 2nd house – ear trouble. If with Rahu – hydrocele.
If aspected by Saturn and Sun – small pox, handicapped.
In female horoscope – head injury, naughty, mentally disturbed,
neurological problem, eye troubles, priggish, blood – disease,
devoid of marital happiness, separation from husband, wicked.
If on Sandhi of 1st and 2nd house-throat problems. If aspected
my malefics-throat trouble, polio, chances of fall from higher
place. If Mars is in Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn sign – benefic
Second House:-
Complicated nature, interrupts while other person is talking,
harsh language, devoid of wealth, does not maintain cordial
relations in family, loser, deligent, eyes and ear troubles, loss
of wealth, loss in the family, fear of theft/ fire/ injury. Sudden
death in family, ugly, illiterate, in service of wicked persons,
gains in the business of metals and medicines. Chances of
getting employment at the age of 19, ill health at the age of 9,
throat problems, fond of non-veg food, poor, enemity of
wicked people, fond of argument and debate, does not
appreciate the importance of things, gains in the business of
civil contractor / machinery/ agriculture/coal/marine trade. Not
favourable as astrologers as malefic results predicted by them
are correct whereas benefic results predicted by them are
seldom true.
If debilitated – poor. If in own sign/exalted – beautiful eyes,
educated, sudden gains. If in Scorpio sign – Rajyog,
inheritance. If in enemy’s sign/aspected by malefics – eyes
trouble. If with lord of 6th house – eyes trouble. If with Moon
– loss of wealth. If in Virgo sign with Rahu – owner of house
in the main period of Mars and sub – period of Sun.
In female horoscope-difficult in child-bearing, loss of wealth/
family, harsh, defect in speech, quarrelsome, throat problem,
looks older than her age, long lived, very sexy, bald headed,
ill health, wicked, poor, dependant on others, jealous, liver
problems, gambler husband.
Third House:-
Most unfavourable, ill health, irritable, limited income,
expenditure much more than income, sufferings are endless,
brave, aggressive, devoid of co-borns, harsh, ascetic, settles
in foreign country, frequent travel, devoid of happiness from
younger brother. Cheat, co-born at the age of 12th and 13th
year. Unfavourable for younger co-borns, co-borns short
lived, ear-trouble, danger from vehicle, does not maintain
cordial relations with relatives and neighbors, great problem
by signing a document or by giving an evidence.
If with Rahu – womanizer. If without aspect of benefics –
wicked wife. If in own sign or with benefics – serious
disposition, famous. If in Gemini sign – long lived, ear troubles,
happiness from brothers. If with malefics or aspected by
malefics – unfavourable for elder co-borns. If in Aries sign –
astrologer, mathematician, devoid of wealth, mental agony,
madness. If with Jupiter and Saturn or with Jupiter and aspected
by Saturn – ailments of ears, deafness. If with Saturn – ear
troubles, mental agony.
In female horoscope – ascetic, healthy, devoid of happiness
from brother, sportswoman, fond of travel, settles in foreign
country, runs away from home, lucky, reputed, wicked sons,
serves the saints, impressive, jovial. If Mars is in own sign or
exalted – prosperous. If Saturn is in 11th house and Jupiter
aspects ascendant – becomes queen.
Fourth House:-
Devoid of happiness from mother and sister, gains from
government service, beneficial, settles in foreign country,
progeny, opponent of near relatives, sufferings to mother, heart
trouble, danger from fire and thief. Friendship with dark
coloured persons, wife characterless, either wife can kill him
or he kills his own wife, Gradual progress in life, devoid of
pleasures in earlier stages of life, differences with father for
which mother is responsible, gains from land even if there is
aspect of Mars on fourth house, unsuccessful in politics,
unsuccessful in service, sexual, number of sons, obstinate
mother, makes use of every opportunity that arises, fear from
enemies, quarrel at home, sufferings in old age, never stable,
never gets mental peace, dark complexion.
If in Sagittarius or Pisces sign – gain from foreign country,
benefic. If in Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn sign – happiness
from land and vehicle. If in Libra sign – auspicious. If in Leo
or Capricorn sign – marital happiness. If with Rahu/ Ketu –
suicidal tendencies in main or sub-period of Mars. If in Cancer
sign – chest infection, asthma, T.B.
In female horoscope – sufferings to mother, pain in chest and
heart, devoid of happiness of younger brother, angry,
pessimistic, devoid of happiness, bulky body, unsuccessful in
fulfilling desires, unreligious, poor, wicked, weakness for
opposite sex, sexual, domestic problems, greedy, immoral.
Fifth House:-
Always feels hungry, wicked, sinner, angry, number of
abortions, deceitful, ill health, slender, body, playful. Sufferings
from progeny, obstacles in education, deligent, marriage does
not takes place even after everything is settled, inauspicious,
backbiter, penalty from government, ailments of private parts.
Loss of co-born at the age of 5, danger from fire at the age of
6. Ambitious, feels jealous, cannot accumulate wealth, cough
and windy problems. Immediately caught while accepting
If in own sign or exalted – one son suffers from ill health who
is also ugly. If Rahu in Lagna – famous due to melodious voice
and singing since childhood. If aspected by Saturn and Sun –
handicapped. If aspected by Jupiter or Venus – loss of first
progeny. If in Cancer sign – son after second marriage. If
with malefics – ill health, loss of son, wicked. If with Saturn –
mentally ill. If with lord of 8th house – sinner, brave, adopted
son. If in Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius or Pisces sign – progeny
must. If with Saturn or Venus or Saturn or Ketu – suffers
continuously from T.B.
In female horoscope – sinner, characterless, atheist, obstacles
in education, asthma, begets wicked sons/daughters, enjoys
the company of wicked people, harmful for co-borns. If in
even signs or exalted – only one son, abortions, problems in
delivery. If in Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn – malefic effects
are not felt.
Sixth House:-
Throat troubles, enemies are defeated inspite of being large in
numbers, devoid of happiness of maternal uncle, financial gains,
extravagant, feels hungry, angry, debtor, officer in police or
military, ailments of blood, surgery, son at the age of 24, good
food, relations with number of females, more than one
marriage. Dispute at the age of 21 or 27, danger from enemy,
daughter at the age of 27. Comforts of vehicle, fortunate, loss
from servants, officers are not caught while accepting bribe.
If aspected by malefics – accident. If exalted- fortunate at the
age of 18. If debilitated – ill health, wicked, cheat, death in
fight or in war, piles. If in Gemini or Virgo and not aspected
by benefices – leprosy. If in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius
sign – ailments of urine, heart and throat. If in Aries, Cancer
or Capricorn sign – danger from fire, loss due and servants. If
in Cancer or Pisces sign – pleasure seeker, brings disgrace
and family. If in Aries – inauspicious.
In female horoscope – sound health, opponent, quarrelsome,
dispute, destroyer of enemies, intelligent husband, dense hair,
well educated, inauspicious for maternal relations. If Mars is
very weak - ill health.
Seventh House:-
Wanders from place to place, suffers from enemies, death of
wife at young age, ill health from childhood, penalized by
government, harsh, foolish, poor, jealous, wife dominates,
obstacle in marriage till the age of 27, more than one marriage,
sexual relations with foolish or barren female, unnecessary
worries, wife does not give due respect, does not get fame in
business. Wife suffers from gynecological problems, danger
from fire at the age of 16. Danger to spouse at the age of 37.
If with Saturn – unnatural sex (Homosexual, sex with animals),
kisses private parts during sex. If with Ketu – sexual relations
with barren or with female in menstruation. If combust or
debilitated – most inauspicious. If exalted – prosperous, long
lived. If with benefics – widower. If with enemy planets –
death of more than one spouse. If exalted or in own sign –
wealthy, happy, only one marriage but chastity of wife is
doubtful. If with malefic planets – backache, more than one
marriage. If debilitated or in enemy’s sign – ill health, sinner. If
in Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn sign – marital happiness. If
with Moon and Venus – pleasure seeker. If with Moon –
gains in speculation, gambling, war. If in Cancer sign and with
Saturn – beneficial and sincere spouse. If in Pisces sign –
widower. If with Saturn – devoid of spouse – progeny, mentally
ill, suffers. If with Venus – ailments in legs. If with Jupiter,
separation from spouse.
In female horoscope – widow, enemity with spouse, more
than one marriage, irregular menses, ailments of stomach, very
sexy, extra – marital affairs ( definite), ugly, wicked devoid of
happiness of spouse, plumpy body. If under influence of
benefics – not widow. If Mars in the Aries or Scorpio sign or
in Navamsa of Mars – Vaginal disease. Widow in earlier age
provided husband is not suffering from mangalik Dasha.
Eighth House:-
Enemity due to bad behaviour, obstacles, fond of alcohol,
licentious, harsh, eyes-troubles, hesitates, financial crises, piles,
inflammation, injury on the lower position of back, angry
disposition, death due to fire, surgery, fortunate after marriage,
cannot accumulate wealth (zero savings), sufferings at the age
of 22 and 35, sufferings similar to death at the age of 25.
Seriously ill during the age of 54-56, enemity even with coborns,
chronic disease and medical treatment is of no use,
eye trouble, ailments of blood, wicked, never caught while
accepting bribe, always feels hungry.
If in own sign or with benefics – sound health, long- lived. If
with malefics – suffers from T.B. or windy problems. If exalted
– benefic. If weak – piles, disease of genital organs, bleeding.
If debilitated and in enemy’s sign – death in water. If exalted –
wealthy. If with Moon – injury from water. If with Sun – suicidal
tendency. If with Sun and Saturn – causes death.
In female horoscope – wicked, piles, injury, accident, wanders
from place to place, extra- marital affairs (definite), injury in
the lower portion of back, smuggling, dacoity, devoid of
happiness, ill health, devoid of husband, poor, sufferings,
violent, death due to wound or injury or even husband dies,
abortions, widow, separation from husband.
Ninth House:-
Intelligent, wicked, does not get reward of hard work, jealous,
priggish, angry, officer or leader, famous, opponent of mother,
financial crises, unlucky, ascetic, injury by water, people feel
jealous of him, windy problem, sufferings to father at the age
of 14. Fortunate after the age of 28, main person of family,
devotee of lord Hanuman in the earlier birth, wife and self do
not have elder brother, devoid of father’s happiness, fear from
fire and poison, violent, relations with preceptor’s wife,
fortunate in foreign land, eyes and skin trouble.
If aspected by Sun and Saturn – handicapped. If in own sign
– extra marital relations, wealth from son. If with malefics or
weak planets – long life. If with benefic or with friendly planets
– favourable results. If exalted – relations with preceptor’s
wife. If with Mercury – atheist. If with benefic planets – senior
officer, hunter, honoured by government. If in Gemini, Libra
or Aquarius sign – goes against principles. If in Taurus, Virgo,
Scorpio, Capricorn or Pisces sign – benefic results. If in Cancer
sign – troubles of hips and back. If with Saturn – neurological
problem. If with Sun – very famous.
In female horoscope – unlucky, atheist, devoid of happiness
from brother, runs away from home, opponent, does follow
other religion, beautiful, ill health, fond of meat/wine,
abandoned by own people, artist, devoid of wealth, famous.
Tenth House:-
Enjoys high status in society, brings name and fame to family,
intelligent, wealthy, poet, happy, famous, comforts of good
vehicles, landlord, long life, officer in police/military, senior
officer, good administrator, financial gains at the age of 28,
tremendous improvement in position after birth, fear of arms
at the age of 26 or 28 or 54. Successful in business, title from
govt., adventurous like lion, self-made, liked by females, serves
the great people, brother long-lives, destroyer of maternal
uncles, possibility of father’s death at the age of 18 but the
same will not be an obstacle in prosperity.
If in Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio or Capricorn signs –
reputed, serves the people, business of fire arms or arms. If
weak – pleasure seeker, does not take responsibility. If with
strong planets – devotee, fortunate, long life of brothers. If
under the influence of benefics or in the sign of benefic planet
– success. If under the influence of malefics – obstacles,
problems. If with Jupiter – very fortunate. If in Pisces sign
with Mercury – salvation. If with Sun – fear of death or injury
by falling from height. If with Saturn – employed in prison,
police or military.
In female horoscope – devoid of father’s happiness, favourable
results if in service, employed in investigation departments/
anti corruption departments. (If mars is in own sign or exalted
– enjoys high status in these departments), has her own
principles and ways, doubtful chastity. If Mars aspected by
strong and benefic planets – important person in family, wife
of officer of high status, helpful to others.
Eleventh House:-
Wealthy, destroyer of enemies, gain in the business of animals,
love of justice, brave, quarrelsome, angry, priggish, patience,
ambitious, enjoys high status, does not suffer. Gain from
government or working with army, palatial house, collections
of vehicles/ land/ gold/copper/ coral, melodious voice,
fortunate at the age of 24, loss if business is done from other’s
money, gains if own money is used, gains from business of
vehicles and dairy products, fond of good food, always speaks
truth, special gains at the age of 24 and 25.
If exalted – extremely fortunate. If with two benefic planets –
Maha Raja Yoga. If in Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio,
Sagittarius, Capricorn sign or aspected by benefics – gets the
help of friends. If having no benefic aspect – loss through bad
characters. If with Saturn – employed in the prison, police or
military. If Jupiter is with Saturn or aspect of Saturn on Mars
and Jupiter – ear problem or deafness.
In female horoscope – wealthy, prosperous, progeny,
conveyance, happy, gains, no desires, good nature, religious,
devoted to her husband, abortions.
Twelfth House:-
Lucky due to brother, destroyer of religion, gets bad name
even without doing any wrong thing, sadness, loss due to
cheating or theft, marak of spouse or devoid of spouse, right
eye defective, always under debt but frees himself from debt
before death, quarrelsome, foolish, wicked, handicapped, loss
due to animals or theft, unreliable, fear of being imprisoned,
death of brother, unlucky, injured by arms, loss due to servants,
extra-marital relations, atheist, sudden death of uncle, pleasure
seeker, sexual but devoid of marital happiness, mother and
brother suffer at the age of 28.
If with malefics – hypocrate. If with Ketu – fear of fire at
home, death of wife. If in Cancer or Pisces sign – licentious.
If with Venus – wicked, bad deeds, punishment from govt.,
suffers at the age of 45. If in own sign with Saturn – death due
to piles, fistula etc. If in Leo sign – ups and downs in life,
suffers from deadly disease.
In female horoscope – extravagant, eyes problem, foreign
travel, short lived, devoid of marital happiness, ingratitude,
devoid of qualities, expenditure for bad cause, fond of drinks,
sexy, always angry, widow, separation, bad character.

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