How to Put a Query
One should approach a learned astrologer of pleasant disposition, early in the
morning, with fruits, flowers and money and facing the east and after
making due obeisance to the astrologer, put only one question of an
auspicious nature

The True Astrologer
The predictions of one well-versed in the ten kinds of calculating planetary
longitudes and proficient in astrological lore cannot go wrong. In the hands of men of learning culture and humility successful results alone are possible.
About the Querist
1. Whether the person is sincere or not in putting the question should first be
ascertained on the strength of the ascendant. The astrologer should then
study the good and bad aspects of the query and his prediction will be duly
2-4. The querist's intention will not be honest if (a) the Moon is in the ascendant,
Saturn is in a quadrant and Mercury is combust; (b) Mars and Mercury
aspect the Moon in the ascendant; (c) a malefic joins the ascendant; (d)
Jupiter or Mercury cast an inimical glance on the lord of the 7th. His
intention will be sincere it (a) a benefic plant joins the ascendant; (b) if
Mars or full Moon and Jupiter aspect the ascendant; and (c) Jupiter or
Mercury throws a friendly aspect on the lord of the seventh.
Answering More Than One Query
5-6. The first query is to be read from the ascendant, the second from the Moon,
the third from the Sun, the fourth from Jupiter and the fifth from the
stronger of the planets Mercury or Venus. It is dictum of the astrological
science that a query has to be answered by a proper assessment of the
ascendant. If only one question is answered, the prediction cannot go