Venus revolves around the Sun in nearly a circular orbit. It’s
mean distance from the Sun is 10.75 x 107 kms. The mean
orbital velocity of Venus is approx 35 km. per second; its
mass is 0.81 times that of earth, its diameter is 12100 kms,
and density 5.1gm/ cm3. Its sidereal period is 224.7 earth
days and its synodic period is 583.921 earth days. Venus
sets after Sunset and rises before Sun rises. Venus is the
brightest planet, which is due to the reflecting power of its
atmosphere. For the observers on earth, Venus can never be
more than 480 away from Sun. When Venus is 480 away from
Sun and is the evening star, it can be seen in the sky for about
3 hours 12 minutes after sunset.
While Jupiter is Deva Guru, Venus is considered as Asura
Guru. Venus is considered a Goddess of love, marriage, beauty
and comforts. It is called Mahalakshmi, wife of lord Vishnu.
Venus is one – eyed. Since it rules all kinds of beauty, pleasure,
passion etc, it is called by the Greeks Aphordite. It is the
chief governor of wife. It gives immense taste and of the person
born by day. It gives immense taste and fancy for all pleasuregiving
and luxurious things. Intelligence coupled with an artistic
taste and fineness is bestowed by Venus. It is also significator
of vehicles and property in affluent area. Venus as called Kama,
one’s passion.
Venus is a feminine, warm, temperate and fruitful planet. Venus
is the lord of direction South- East and governs Vasanta Ritu
(April and May). Venus rules Yajur Veda. Its color is white,
dark blue, lemon yellow. It rules marriage, youthfulness, sexual
pleasure, scents, flowers, ability to compose music and drama,
inclination to take light and rich food. It also indicates the
partner in business.
Venus gives the native average height, plumpy body, round
face with pimples, wheatish complexion, pleasing eyes, pleasing
voice, sweet smile and curly hair. It gives attractive personality
and sexual vitality. Native is the preceptor of demons. Parts
of the body ruled by Venus are eyes, reproductive system,
throat, chin, cheeks, kidneys, hair etc.
When Venus is afflicted it gives deprived sexual tendencies,
immoral character, excessive drinking, number of marriages,
loss of children, separation from beloved, mental aberrations,
injuries, loss of money, sex scandals, loss of prestige.
When Venus is beneficial it gives the native unperturbed and
enjoyable career. It is sure to give continuos good luck even
though person is not endowed with the intrinsic worth necessary
for the attainment of it. Native is fond of company of opposite
sex and is of artistic nature. Native may become successful
musician or actor.
The disease indicated by Venus are venereal disease including
gonorrhea and syphilis, infection in eyes, skin diseases like
eczema, leprosy, leucoderma, enlarged tonsils, Bright’s
disease, renal glycosuria, cysts, swelling, goiter, irregularities
in cataneria, uraemia, disease of ovaries, mucous disease, gout,
anaemia and disease arising through the use of cosmetics or
through over-indulgence in amusement, eating, drinking.
The products represented by Venus are finished textile goods,
silk and rayon products, fancy goods, electronics items,
perfumery, toilets, photography, film, hosiery for ladies,
confectionery, sandalwood oil, fruits, flowers, sugar, cars,
ships, airplanes, petrol, pig tree, pomegranate, apple tree,
damdelion, elder flowers, white poppy, goose bury,
peppermint, cherry, chestnut, thyme, agaru, nutmeg, players.
Venus represents animals like goat, panther, hart, bull. It also
represents birds like dove, sparrow, and wren.
Venus represents places like bedroom, cinema theatre, garden,
fountains, banquet hall, automobile industries, shipping yards,
aerodromes, mines, glass manufacturing places, discotheque,
red light areas.
Precious metals and gems represented by Venus are platinum,
white metal and silver diamond, beryl coral, jade, and
alabaster. Native whose lord of ascendant is Venus can wear
ring of diamond in platinum or gold in middle finger in the
constellation of Venus.
Saturn’s mean distance from earth is 14.11 x 10 8. The nearest
distance of Saturn from Sun is 13.29x108 kms and farthest
distance from Sun is 14.93x108 kms. It completes a revolution
around the Sun in 29.46 years. The mass of Saturn is 95.14
times that of earth, volume 743.7 times that of earth and its
density is only 0.7 times that of water. Saturn has 10 satellites.
The Titan and Lapetus are massive satellites of Saturn. Titan
is about the same size as the planet Mercury. Its dia is
4777kms. The dia of Lapetus is 1752 kms. Three concentric
rings surround Saturn. These rings are separate and there is
only black empty space in between any two rings, Saturn
appears like a blue ball with 3 yellow rings.
Saturn is called Yama because it is the chief governor of
longevity. Saturn is the father of Gulika and Mandi. It is also
called Neelan and lord Shiva. It is said and be ‘Lame’. Saturn
is son of Sun. Some people say that Saturn represents
‘Brahma’. Saturn is the counterfeit of Jupiter as former destroys
while the latter applies pressures and expands. Saturn is also
called St. Peter holding the keys of both Heaven and Hell. It
rules over hard and laborious work as well as over responsible
positions in life. Saturn is a planet of delay.
Saturn is barren, binding, cold, constant, dry, defensive, hard,
nervous and secretive planet. It is the lord of West direction
and governs Shishir Ritu (February and march). Its color is
blue, jet black and indigo. It is considered as an evil planet
and it reigns over poverty, misfortune, death, unending
problems, delays, hindrances, chronic and lingering diseases,
old age etc.
Saturn gives the native dark color, thin built, prominent veins,
thick nails, protruding teeth, coarse and thick hair, long hands
and feet. From the face native appears older then his actual
age. Native is dirty, angry, dreadful, foolish, full of wrinkles
and a talebearer. Native is merciless and melancholic. Saturn
makes one a little deaf.
Parts of the body represented by Saturn are the right ear,
obstruction of bodily fluids, obstruction in urine and retention
of waste materials, hardening of synovial membrane, teeth,
bones, knees, spinal chord, hair and growth.
Where Saturn is afflicted it causes delays, disappointment,
disharmony, dispute, despondency, dejection, differences,
distrust etc. It gives persistent bad luck, up-hill struggles,
sorrows and disappointments. It makes the native drunkard,
gambler, lazy and lethargic.
When Saturn is beneficial it gives good qualities like endurance,
economy, thrift, patience, perseverance, power of retaining
secrets, permanence, stability, self control, sense of duty
towards God and man, accuracy, precaution in all matters. It
develops in an individual truth, charity, power of meditation
and concentration, sincerity, prudence, asceticism etc.
The diseases indicated by Saturn are cancer, paralysis,
sciatica, Bright’s disease, colds, deafness, tooth decay,
diphtheria, insanity, rheumatism, asthma, consumption,
defective speech, catarrh, gallstones, curvature of spine,
hemorrhoids, asthma, gout, skin disease, fracture etc.
The products represented by Saturn are kerosene, petrol,
coal, mine ores, leather, hides, skin, wood, potato, black
pulses, barley, rye, mustard oil, wine, black articles, plantain,
ivy, hemp, hellebore, aconite, thistle, leguminous seeds.
Saturn represents animals like cat, asses, hare, wolves, bear,
crocodile, serpents and venomous creatures, buffaloes,
camels. It also represents birds like eel, sea fish, bats and
Saturn represents places like hills, forests, deserts, caves, dens
and old and ruined buildings, churches, temples, trenches, wells,
stinking places, slum areas, dirty places tanning factories, bone
factory etc.
Precious gems/ metals represented by Saturn are blue
sapphire, amethyst, iron, lead, steel and antimony. Native
whose lord of ascendant is Saturn can wear the ring of blue
sapphire in gold in middle finger in the constellation of Saturn

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