The effects of transit of the planets through the various houses
counted from sign occupied by the Moon at birth are as
1st House :-
Loss of house traits, prestige and position, suffers from fatigue,
ill health like blood pressure, stomachache etc. Native feels
irritated and has to undertake aimless journeys, separation
from family, feelings of fear and anxiety, quarrels with friends
and relations leading to mental tension. If Saturn Mars or Rahu
are posited in first house at the time of birth, this transit of Sun
is very inauspicious.
2nd House:
Loss of wealth, financial problem, deceived by others,
becomes obstinate, quarrels, unhappiness, danger of loss in
business, efforts are not fructified, expenditure is more than
income, mental tension and eye problems, obstacles in every
sphere of life.
3rd House :-
Financial gains, promotion and position in profession,
happiness all around, good health, success over enemies or
opponents, friendship with people of high status, gain through
children and friends, honour from government, efforts get fully
materialized, gain in social status. This is generally auspicious
time to undertake new projects.
4th House :
Domestic unhappiness, ill health, quarrels, financial problem,
fear of loss of prestige, impediments in marital life and sexual
enjoyments, disputes regarding property, mental tensions
leading to wrong decisions, difficulties in journeys, discomfort
from conveyances.
5th House :
Ill health of spouse, self and children. Mental tensions, eyes
troubles, enemies become powerful, loss of money, separation
from family and relatives, problem from govt., wasteful
expenditure, obstacles in all undertakings, unsuccessful. One
should divert his attention in recreation and amusement to
forget these malefic effects.
6th House :
Good health, success over enemies and opponents, happiness,
financial gains, favour from superiors, mental peace, gain of
position in profession, contacts with people of high status,
honour from govt., efforts give desired results.
7th House :
Anxiety, ill health, stomach and anus ailments, urinary
problems, financial loss, problem from govt., loss in business,
health of spouse suffers, strained relations with spouse and
business partners. Take decisions with advice of competent
people and avoid unnecessary travel.
8th House :
Fear, anxiety, ill health of self and spouse, displeasure from
superiors or govt., quarrel with friends, extravagant
expenditure, company of wicked people, irritable nature, loss
through opponents, difficulties in getting financial borrowings.
9th House :
Ill health of self, spouse and children, disturbance in mind,
disharmony with elders, dishonour, unsuccessful, in various
undertakings, separation from family and relatives, long
journeys, transfer in service, involved in misdeeds.
10th House :
Success over enemies, success in all undertakings, good
health, financial gains, association with persons of authority,
promotion in service, profit in business, fame, gain in position,
gain from friends, increase in reputation.
11th House :
Financial gains, new position, success in all undertakings, good
health, own efforts bring success, gains from friends and
relation, gain from father, domestic happiness, religious
ceremonies and auspicious work, cooperation from other
people, time for team work in all spheres.
12th House :
Financial loss, wasteful expenditure, mental worries, ill health,
eyes troubles, problem from enemies and opponents, even
friends behave like enemies, problem from govt, decision of
litigation case not in favour, foreign travel.
1st House :
Confers good health, prosperity and financial gains, rise in
fortune, enjoyment of good food, sexual enjoyments, bed room
comforts, good clothes, meeting with friends, mental place,
honour from public, increase in social status, success over
opponents, starting of new venture in business.
2nd House :
Financial loss, obstacles, disputes, depression, loss of honour,
wasteful expenditure, bad time to invest money.
3rd House :
Success, monetary gains, happiness, friendship and association
with opposite sex, victory over opponents, good time for
education, examination and travel, gain from opposite sex and
friends, expenditure on amusement and entertainment.
4th House :
Fear, anxiety, financial loss, domestic problems, health
problems, suspicion. This is the best time to lie low, relax and
avoid confrontation.
5th House :
Illness, sorrow, obstacles in all undertakings, indigestion,
journeys, financial loss, loss of prestige, poverty,
disappointments in love affairs.
6th House :
Financial gains, victory over enemies and opponents, good
health, domestic happiness, objectives are fulfilled, contact
with good friends, mental peace.
7th House :
Financial gains, bed comforts, enjoyment of good food and
clothings, gain of conveyance, pleasure trips, sexual
enjoyments, success without any obstacles, gain in social
8th House :
Enemity, Untoward events, fear of financial loss, ill health,
quarrels, anxiety, mental disturbance, obstacles in profession,
financial problem.
9th House :
Fatigue, unexpected expenses, stomach disorders, mental
disturbance, disturbance in sleep, obstacles in profession,
laziness, weakness, loss of prestige.
10th House :
Achievement of desired objects, gain in status, success,
happiness, domestic comforts, gain of gifts, success in
professional pursuits, good opportunity for public relation
work or sale of property, chances for gain in social prestige,
forceful arguments.
11th House :
Meeting with influential friends, sexual enjoyment, happiness,
financial gains, prosperity, good health, marriage, and good
12th House :
Dependence, laziness, jealousy, loss, expenditure, injury or
accident, misunderstanding with friends and relatives,
disharmonies with people of opposite sex.
1st House :
Feeling of dejection, obstacles, displeasure of superiors,
increase in blood pressure, fear from fire, poison and arms,
accident, wasteful expenditure, separation from family,
revengeful nature, disharmony with spouse.
2nd House :
Harsh temperament, anxiety, increased expenditure, disputes,
displeasure from govt., losses in business, loss from enemies,
financial disturbance.
3rd House :
Good health, happiness, financial gains, all round success, gain
in position and status, honour from govt., authority, boldness,
success in important ventures, increase of self confidence,
pleasure from children and spouse.
4th House :
Family disputes, professional problems, domestic unhappiness,
ill health, blood pressure, stomach ailments, skin problems, ill
health of spouse, obstacles.
5th House :
Ill health of children, quarrels, enemity, financial loss, mental
disturbances, arguments with superiors, failure in examination,
fear, disharmony with own people, losses in speculation,
accidents, physical weakness, losses through theft.
6th House :
Happiness, victory over enemies and opponents, favourable
results in litigation cases, financial gains, prosperity, favour
from superiors, comforts, success in important undertakings,
health problem such as infection.
7th House :
Disharmony between self and spouse, domestic unhappiness,
indigestion, financial losses, mental agony, anxiety, disputes
with friends and business partners, losses through partners.
8th House :
Fear, accident, sinful acts, financial losses, blood poisoning,
mental worries, fatigue, anemia, wounds, health problems,
disharmony with spouse, not a good time for financial
9th House :
Humiliation, financial losses, physical weakness, troublesome
journeys, mental anxiety, legal difficulties, ill health of co –
born and children, disharmony with relations and friends.
10th House :
Financial losses, ill health, obstacles, professional problems,
disrepute, fear from enemies and opponents, conflict with
govt., and person in authority. Second half of this transit
generally gives auspicious results.
11th House :
Financial gains, good health, gain of immovable property,
happiness, enjoyments, birth of son, luxurious life, amusements,
success all round, domestic happiness.
12th House :
Troubles from secret enemies, loss of wealth, wasteful
expenditure, quarrels, mental worries, eyes troubles, bilious
complaints, dishonour, trouble through opposite sex.
1st House :
Increase of enemies and opponents, financial loss, unsteady
mind, speech problems, fear of being confined, harsh speech,
changes in ventures due to outside pressure or influences,
obstacles, disharmony with own people, arguments, loss of
property in litigation, short travels, contacts with low grade
persons of opposite sex.
2nd House :
Financial gains, reliable friends, success in undertakings but
disgrace, scandals and blames, avoid financial or property
deal during this period, misled by others, chances of litigation.
3rd House :
Meeting with friends, enjoyments, short distance travel,
contacts with relatives and neighbors, favourable period for
intellectual pursuits, Not a good time to relax, fear from
opponents, disharmony and dispute with superiors, loss of
money, humiliation, problem from govt., interest in religious
4th House :
General prosperity, fulfillment of objectives, happiness, plans
are materialized, financial gains, domestic happiness, contacts
with influential persons, settlement of family disputes, wasteful
expenditure, increase in status, honour.
5th House :
Quarrels with spouse and children, mental unhappiness,
financial loss, purposeless undertakings, dishonour,
disharmony in domestic affairs, disturbance in education of
students, liking for tamsik food.
6th House :
Popularity, prosperity, domestic happiness, victory over
enemies, good relations with superiors and subordinates,
excellent time for intellectual work, success in various
undertakings, mental satisfaction.
7th House :
Separation from spouse, domestic worries, disharmony with
other members of family, arguments and controversies,
obstacles, quarrels, mental and physical ailments, not a good
time for students and writers, avoid entering into new contracts
and negotiation.
8th House :
Cheerfulness, steadiness, success over opponents, happiness,
birth of a son, good intellect and power, financial gains, good
time for negotiating property deal, improvement in status.
9th House :
Good period for study of subjects relating to foreign places,
law, philosophy or higher knowledge of any kind, good period
for travel, conversation and communication with others,
obstacles, financial loss, enemity, disagreement with near
10th House :
All round success and happiness, good health, financial gains,
other sources of income, professional success, enjoyment,
mental peace, domestic happiness, victory over opponents,
gainful communication with outside world.
11th House :
Happiness and prosperity, favours from others, harmony with
own people, birth of child, increased communication and social
interaction, financial gain, honour, feeling of satisfaction and
achievement, intellectual exchange with friends.
12th House :
Troubles, fear of humiliation, disputes, misunderstanding with
spouse, disgrace through enemies, heavy expenditure and loss
of money, ill health, financial difficulties, unnecessary arguments
and dispute with people, enemity, secretive and confidential.
1st House :
Unfavourable circumstances, heavy expenditure, long
journeys, increase in opponents, disharmony with family
members, ill health, mental worries, transfers, lack of domestic
happiness, unnecessary arguments with superiors,
advancement towards spiritual side, chances of marriage.
2nd House :
Financial gains, domestic happiness, acquiring luxurious items,
defeat of opponents, marriage, birth of son, rise in status and
position, increase in spiritual standard, comforts and pleasures
at command of native, prosperity in business, mental peace,
favour from govt, and superiors.
3rd House :
Unfavourable circumstances, loss of position, separation from
loved ones, fear. Obstacles in profession, ill health, financial
loss, change of residence, failure in examinations, disrespect,
increased contacts in immediate surroundings, gain through
writing and communication, generous and tolerant.
4th House :
Losses, humiliation, domestic disharmony, false implications,
accidents during travelling, ill health of mother, hindrance in
profession, delay in promotion, legal disputes.
5th House :
Improvement of relations with others, pride from children and
their development, increase in creative potential, financial gains,
improvement in love and sexual relations, greater freedom of
self expression, personal growth, royal favour, all round
prosperity and success, defeat of enemies, gain of property,
success, improvement in efficiency.
6th House :
Problems from enemies, domestic unhappiness, quarrels, loss
of money, increased expenditure, fruitless undertakings,
anxiety, dispute with near relations, ill health, sudden problems,
losses in profession, irritation.
7th House :
Favourable for marriage, partnership and contracts, gain
through people, development of mental relations, decisions
of civil suits in favour, auspicious undertakings, blessed with
children, respect, happiness, good food.
8th House :
Fatigue, wearisome travelling, adversity, troubles, physical and
mental problem, financial losses, accidents during journey, loss
of fortune, wastage of time, problem in legal disputes.
9th House :
Prosperity, happiness, pleasure, enhancement in reputation,
respect from others, domestic happiness, financial gains,
increased income from immovable property, pilgrimage,
spiritual progress, troubles from children, foreign travel.
10th House :
Progress in profession, recognition of work, travel, change in
profession, ill health, problem from children.
11th House :
Promotion, prosperity, domestic happiness, birth of a child,
financial gains, good health, gain of new position, purchase of
luxurious item, fulfillment of desires, benefit from friends and
elders, all round success.
12th House :
problems in profession, disturbance in mental peace, fear,
litigation, tensions, journeys, separation from family,
imprisonment, increased expenditure, ill health.
1st House :
All kinds of enjoyments, pleasure, happiness, peaceful life,
good food, relaxed mind, gain of new dresses, perfumes and
articles of luxury, success in education, gain of new position
and status, sexual relationship with opposite sex, comforts of
marital life.
2nd House :
Financial and material gains, domestic happiness, prosperity,
birth of a child, good health, attractive personality, domestic
3rd House :
Prosperity, happiness, gain of position, success, financial gains,
increase in status, favour from friends and relatives, purchase
of luxury goods, pleasure, good company.
4th House :
Financial gains, comforts, pleasure trips and good news,
pleasant journeys, meeting with near relations and friends,
professional gains, marriage, progeny, new conveyance.
5th House :
Happiness from elders and children, gain of position for
children, financial gains, birth of a child, honour, fame,
entertainment, favourable love relations, help from friends.
6th House :
Quarrels, losses, adversities, irritation, dishonour, illness of
spouse, anxiety, increase of enemies, increased expenditure,
disputes, litigation, unfavourable period for romance, urinary
7th House :
A favourable period for all relationships, love affairs, romance,
in profession partnership will be gainful, financial gains, best
period for improving a relationship.
8th House :
Financial gains through spouse, union with partner/ spouse/
beloved, good health, gain of property, pleasure through
opposite sex, domestic bliss, fame, honour, prosperity.
9th House :
Prosperity, happiness, mental happiness, romance, comforts,
marriage, long travel, gain in knowledge, fame, experience of
beauty in art/ pleasure/ amusement, attraction towards a
10th House :
Quarrels, disputes, disgrace, obstacles, dishonour,
impediments, irritation, humiliation, defeat in law suits, success
in profession, help from friends.
11th House :
Financial gains, prosperity, happiness, gain of friends/ luxurious
items/ mental happiness, association with opposite sex,
domestic happiness, best period for team work.
12th House :
All types of enjoyments, financial gains, increased expenditure,
pleasure of bed, extra – marital sex, charitable activities, good
1st House :
Illness, financial losses, enemity, failures, increased
responsibility, loss of health of wife/ children/ near relations,
disharmony, disagreements, disputes, increased expenditure,
separation from family.
2nd House :
Financial loss, illness, sorrow, extra – efforts needed for
keeping everything going on, loss of friend or near relation,
eyes trouble, problems in profession, poverty, dispute over
property in family.
3rd House :
Success, recognition, prosperity, professional gains, defeat
of enemies, happiness, power, position, enjoyments.
4th House :
Any problem in domestic affairs becomes critical, parent’s
health my suffer, displeasure from superiors and bosses,
disrepute, misery, unhappiness.
5th House :
Problem to children, difficulties in love affairs, confrontation,
loss in speculative activities, false allegations, disrepute,
litigation, financial losses, mental agony, separation from family.
6th House :
All round prosperity, happiness, loss of enemies, good health,
recognition, promotion and gains in service, favour from
friends and relations.
7th House :
Problems in marital life, ill health of spouse, long travels,
separation from family, increased expenditure, ill health,
venereal diseases.
8th House :
Problem in partnerships, conflict with others, death of near
relatives, ill health, separation from loved ones, litigation,
disrepute, displeasure from govt.
9th House :
Legal problems, long journeys, accident, decrease in income,
transfer in service, sorrows, unhappiness, loss of brothers,
finance problems, problem in profession.
10th House :
Loss of honour, financial losses, fall though own actions,
prestige/ job/ status many be threatened, scandals, increased
expenditure, change of profession.
11th House :
Financial gains, improvement in status, fulfillment of desires,
acquisition of property, domestic happiness, sexual enjoyment,
honour from govt., cooperation from friends and relatives.
12th House :
Obstacles in profession, delay in promotion in service,
imprisonment, long journeys, danger, accidents, mental agony,
increase in expenditure, financial losses, litigation, family
1st House :
Tendency to overwork, lack of self confidence, ill health
because of infection, strained marital relations, loss in business,
mental problems, abundant sex desire, involvement in adultery.
2nd House :
Ill health, financial loss, eye trouble, mental worries, family
tensions, unproductive expenditure, results of litigation cases
unfavourable, chronic diseases, danger from weapon,
influenced by wicked.
3rd House :
Gains through relatives/ friends, success in education, good
news from co-born, short journeys, lucky, new friendship,
courage, success in profession.
4th House :
Gain of property of conveyance, problem in domestic life,
gain from mother and lawsuits, ill health of mother, psychic
problems and mental worries.
5th House :
Worries through children, loss in speculation, creative ability,
delay in birth of child, up and down in profession, loss of
6th House :
Gain in profession, good health, financial gains, gain in
popularity, boldness, practical, prosperity.
7th House :
Loss in partnership, domestic problems, separation from
spouse, ill health, chronic disease, fond of opposite sex,
passionate and sexy.
8th House :
Death or separation from spouse, short temperament, deserted
by family, troubles, stomach, ailments, problems in genital
organs, mental worries, fever, likely to be involved in
corruption case.
9th House :
Long travels, spiritualism, faith in occult subjects, problem
with enemies, involved in sex with low class people, family
discord, loss in reputation.
10th House :
Gain through profession, recognition, award, popularity,
advancement in social and professional life, gain through father,
victory in elections.
11th House :
Development of new friendship, gain through elder brother,
expansions of business, increase in income and also
expenditure, blessed with son, ear problem.
12th House :
Interest in occult subjects, involved in secret missions, victory
owner enemies, financial losses, company of wicked,
quarrelsome, loss of property.
1st House :
Mental worries, all round difficulties, perturbed, marital
discord, unsuccessful in profession.
2nd House :
Change of profession, financial problems, mental worries,
delay in getting all expected, financial losses, harsh.
3rd House :
Strained relations with co-borns, break in studies, problem
with neighbor, short journeys.
4th House :
Problem in domestic harmony, mental disturbance, death of
mother, change of residence, financial losses.
5th House :
Worries and loss through children, problem in romance,
speculation loss, impatient, injury.
6th House :
Change of working condition, ill health, displeasure, from
superiors, financial loss, and humiliation.
7th House :
Mental discord, domestic unhappiness, problem in litigation
cases, expenditure, separation from spouse.
8th House :
Inheritance, extra – marital sex, marital discord, disease of
genital organs, difficulty in realizing debts.
9th House :
Loss during long travel, difficulties in studies, disrespect,
arrogant, short tempered, unfortunate.
10th House :
Disappointments, change in profession, delays, troubles
through father, injury by falling.
11th House :
Strained relations with elder brother or sister, marital discord,
financial losses.
12th House :
Meditation, spiritual upliftment, secret missions, self-distrust,
victory over enemies, health problems.
Muhurta signifies the valuable moment when there is maximum
harmony between human and stellar radiations. The horoscopy
is diagnostic whereas Muhurta is preventive or prescriptive.
Afflictions in birth chart can be minimized by selecting right
Muhurta for important undertakings. Muhurta takes into
consideration the importance of radical Moon as Moon
signifies the mind. Therefore every election should be so timed
as to have reference to birth star and birth Moon.
For calculating correct Muhurta, Panchang has a special
significance. Panchang means five limbs which are Tithi (Lunar
day), Vara (weekday) Nakshtra (constellation), Yoga (Semi
lunar day), and Karan (half a lunar day). The Tithi, Vara and
Nakshtra have already been discussed in this book.
Yoga is the period during which the joint motion in longitude
of Sun and Moon amount to 13020'. There are 27 yogas
namely Vishkambha, Priti, Ayushman, Saubhagya, Sobhana,
Atiganda, Sukarman, Dhriti, Soola, Ganda, Vriddhi, Dhruva,
Vyaghata, Harshana, Vajra, Siddhi, Vyatipata, Variyan,
Parigha, Siva, Siddha, Sadhya, Subha, Sukla, Brahma, Indra
and Vaidhriti. Karana is half a lunar day i.e. the time taken by
Sun and Moon to make relative movement by 60. There are
11 karans namely (1) Bava ( 2) Balava (3) Kaulav (4) Taitile
(5) Garija (6) Vanija (7) Visti (8) Sakuni (9) Chatuspada (10)
Naga and (11) Kimstughna.
In determining auspicious time for any particular undertaking,
apart from the special planetary combinations, the factors to
be considered are – (1) Tarabala or strength of Nakshtra (ii)
Chandrabala or lunar strength and (iii) Panchak or fire source
In the panchak determination, five sources of planetary, stellar
and zodiacal energies are involved. Take the number of lunar
day, number of week day, number of Nakshtra, the number
of Lagna. Add these together and divide the total by 9. If the
remainder is 1 it is Mrityu panchak which indicates danger, if
it is 2 it is Agni panchak which indicates risk from fire, if it is 4
it is Raja panchak which indicates bad results If it is 6 it is
Chore panchak which indicates evil happenings and if it is 8 it
is Rog panchak which indicates bad health. The remainders
0,3, 5, 7 are considered good.
Panchanga Suddhi :-
All the five elements i.e. Tithi, Vara, Nakshtra, Yoga, and
Karana must be auspicious for finding out auspicious time.
Panchang Suddhi, therefore means good lunar day – beneficial
weekday, an auspicious constellation, a good yoga and a
fertilizing Karana.
Karthari Dosha :-
Karthari means scissors. For selecting auspicious time, when
two malefic planets are posited on either side of Lagna, the
combination goes under the name of Karthari Dosha and the
same should be avoided for any auspicious occasion.
Siddha Yogas :-
These relate to coinciding certain week days with certain
Nakshtra and a certain lunar day. These are considered
auspicious for good work.
A Friday coinciding with Nanda tithi (1,6,11 lunar days),
Wednesday coinciding with Bhadra (2,7 and 12 lunar days),
Tuesday coinciding with Jaya (3, 8, 13 lunar days), Saturdays
coinciding with Rikta tithi (4, 9, 14 lunar days) and Thursdays
falling on Poorna tithi (5, 10, 15 lunar days) constitute Siddha
Sunday to Saturdays respectively coinciding with Nakshtra
Hasta, Sharvana, Aswini, Anuradha, Pusya, Revati and Rohini
give rise to Amrit Siddha yoga.
Adverse Yogas :
The followings give rise to adverse yogas and such
combinations should be avoided for any auspicious work.
Week day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Saturday Sunday
Tithi 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
11th 5th
Nakshtra Mrigshira Aswini Anuradha Pushya Revati
Rohini Hasta
Muhurta for Marriage :-
The lunar month of Magha, Phalguna, Vaisakh and Jyestha
are considered best. Kartik and Margsira are ordinary and
rest are not considered auspicious.
The 11th day (dark half) to New Moon, Rikta tithis, 6th, 8th
and 12th should be avoided for marriage. The best lunar days
for marriage are 2nd, 3rd, 7th , 10th 11th, and 13th (of bright
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are considered
best for marriage, Sunday and Saturday are considered
ordinary while Tuesday should be avoided.
The best Nakshtra for marriage are Rohini, Mrigshira, Magha,
Uttar Phalguni, Uttar Bhadrapad and Revati.
The yogas Vyatipata, Dhruva, Mritu, Ganda, Vajra, Soola,
Vishkambha, Atiganda, Vyaghati and Parigha, are not
considered good for marriage.
Among the zodiacal signs Gemini, Virgo and Libra are
considered best for marriage, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius
and Aquarius are considered ordinary whereas others are
considered inauspicious.
Apart from above (a) 7th house should not have any planet
(b) Mars should not be posited in 8th, (c) Venus should not be
in 6th (d) Lagna should not be hemmed between malefics and
(e) Moon should not be afflicted.
Muhurta for Undertaking Journey :-
The best lunar days are 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th , 11th, and 13th.
The 14th lunar day and full/ new Moon days should be avoided.
Mrigsira, Aswini, Pushya, Puranvasu, Hasta, Shravana,
Moola, Dhanishtha, and Revati are considered auspicious for
undertaking journey. Generally 1st pada of Nakshtra should
be avoided.
Travel towards East on Saturday and Monday, towards South
on Thursday, towards West on Sunday and Friday and
towards North on Wednesday and Tuesday should be
avoided. Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra and Sagittarius
are considered favourable for starting a journey. If Jupiter or
Venus are placed in Lagna at the time of starting journey, the
same should be considered auspicious.
The following combinations are considered good for
undertaking journey :-
(i) Moon should be strong
(ii) Avoid the day when Sun enters new sign.
(iii) Jupiter in Lagna and Moon in any other sign than 8th is
considered strong.
(iv) Mercury in 4th, Jupiter in 2nd or 7th neutralize other adverse
(v) Jupiter in Lagna, malefics in upachaya and Venus in any
house other than the 7th is considered ideal combination.
Muhurta for Education :
The most beneficial Nakshtra for commencing education are
Mrigshira, Ardra, Punarvasu, Pushya, Hasta, Chitra, Swati,
Sharvana, Dhanishtha & Shatbhisha. Rohini Uttar Phalguni,
Uttarashadha, and Revati are considered neutral. Tuesday and
Saturday should invariably be avoided. 1st (of dark Half ), 2nd
,3rd, 5th , 6th , 10th and 11th lunar days are considered
auspicious. The 4th , 8th , 9th , 14th,New and full Moon should
be avoided. The Lagna should not be a fixed sign, common
signs are best and the movable signs are considered ordinary.
Following are important yogas which are considered important
for considering education :-
(1) Saraswati Yoga :-
(a) Wednesday coinciding with Hasta, the rising sign at the
time being Gemini or Virgo with Sun, Moon and Mercury
occupying the amsa of Mercury.
(b) Wednesday at sunrise when Mercury is in deep exaltation.
(c) Wednesday when Mercury is in Lagna and occupies the
3rd quarter of Hasta.
(d) Jupiter in exaltation in Lagna in days other than Saturday
and Sunday.
(2) Vidya Yoga :-
(a) Friday when Pisces is rising and Venus occupies the 27th
degree of same sign
(b) Jupiter in exaltation and Cancer rising on Thursday
Muhurta for House Building :-
(a) Laying the foundation :-
No house building should be commenced in the lunar month
of Jyeshtha, Ashada, Bhadrapad, Aswini, Mrigshira, Pushya
and Phalgun. The lunar month of Chaitra, Baisakh, Shravana,
Kartika and Magha are considered best. No building work
should be undertaken when Sun is in common signs. Rohini,
Mrigshira, Chitra, Hasta, Jyeshtha, Uttarashadha, and
Sharvana are considered best Nakshtra for laying the
foundation. All odd lunar days except 9th are considered good,
of the even lunar days 2nd, 6th, and 10th are auspicious.
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are considered
best. Sunday should be avoided.
(b) Entering a New House :-
New houses should be entered when Sun is in Uttarayan and
when Jupiter and Venus are strongly disposed. The Lunar
month of Baishakha, Jyeshtha, Magha and Phalguna are
considered best while Kartika and Margshira are ordinary.
The most auspicious lunar days are 1st of dark fortnight, 2nd,
3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th 11th and 13th of bright half. Rohini, Mrigshira,
Uttarashadha, Chitra, UttarBhadrapad, are best Nakshtras.
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are considered
auspicious, Lagna should be in fixed or common signs.
Muhurta For Surgery :-
Shukha Paksha should be chosen. Avoid full Moon and New
Moon days. Avoid time when Moon is in the same sign as at
birth Thursday and Saturday is recommended. Mars should
be powerful and 8th house should be vacant. Mutual aspect
between Mars and Saturn should be avoided. Ruling Nakshtra
of Ardra, Jyeshtha, Ashlesha, or Moola coinciding with 4th,
9th or 14th lunar days are considered good.
Muhurta for filing Law Suits :-
Aswini, Rohini, Mrigshira, Uttar Phalguni, Hasta, Chitra,
Anuradha, Dhanishtha, and Revati are considered auspicious.
Tuesday and Saturdays should be avoided. The lords of Lagna
and 6th House should be far apart. If Lagna or Navamsa is
Aries, success in litigation is assured.

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