The Sun is the center of solar system. Its mean distance from
earth is 14,96,00,000 kms. It is nearest to earth in January
every year when it is 14,71,03,000 kms and farthest in July
when its distance from earth is 15,21,06,000 kms. Its diameter
is 13,92 000 kms (109.3 times of earth’s diameter), surface
area is 6.087 x 1012 square kms. (1,20,000 times of earth’s
surface area), Volume is 1.41 x 1018 cubic kms. (1,306,000
times the earth’s volume) and mass is 1.99 x 1030 kgs. The
average rotation of Sun in zodiac is 10 per day and therefore it
takes exactly one year to go around the zodiac.
Sun is a symbol of spirit. It is considered as soul of kalapursha.
Sun is considered as king of all planets. Possibly Sunday is
kept as a holiday every where so that people are able to
worship Sun on Sundays. Sun represents lord Brahma with
his four faces causing the four seasons and four elements (Fire,
Air, Earth, Water). The Sun offers us power of resistance and
vitality. It rules our consciousness. It gives us force and will
power and makes one determined and decisive.
Sun is hot, dry, masculine and positive planet. He is god of
Fire and fiery in nature. Sun is lord of direction East and
governs ‘Grishma’ season (June-July). His color is orange.
Sun represents father of the native, kings, the government and
those in authority. In female horoscope, it represents husband.
Sun gives the native honey colored eyes and large and round
face. It makes color of body and hair lighter in shade and
gives a bilious temperament. Parts of the body ruled by Sun
are heart, head, brain, right eye in males and left eye in females,
bones, mouth, spleen, throat, lungs, arteries, blood and its
When Sun is afflicted it makes the native arrogant, mean,
boastful, irritable, jealous, wavering temperament, angry,
proud, immoral.
When Sun is beneficial it gives boldness, commanding ability,
fame, position, dignity, vitality, energy, happiness, royal
appearance, optimism, power, success, good health, warmth,
affection, good temperament, respect to elders, honour from
government, wealth.
The diseases indicated by Sun are heart problems, epilepsy,
cerebral, meningitis, aphasia, polypus, eye disease, high fever,
baldness, low blood pressure, and sunstroke.
The products represented by Sun are rice, groundnut,
coconut, almonds, chillies, myrobalans, wheat, lavender,
saffron, gur, pungent taste juice, orange, asafoetida,
cardamoms, poison, laurel, vermin, cedar, marigold, pod grains
Animals :
Sun represents all majestic animals like lion, boar, horse, and
serpents. It also represents Lark, swan, nightingale and other
singing birds.
Abode :
Sun represents places like mountains, forests, Shiva temples,
fortress, government buildings, public offices like District
Boards, panchayat etc.
Precious metals & Gems :
Gems represented by Sun are Gold, Copper and Ruby. Native
whose lord of ascendant is Sun can wear the ring of Ruby in
copper or gold in ring finger in the constellation of Sun.
The average distance between Earth and Moon is 3,84,400
kms. Because of elliptical shape of the orbits of Sun and Moon,
minimum and maximum distance between Earth and Moon is
3,63,000 kms. and 4,06,000 kms respectively. The radius of
moon is approx 1738 kms. (0.2725 times. The radius of earth)
and mass of moon is 1/81.3 of the earth’s mass. In fact moon
is a satellites of earth but in astrology it is considered as a
planet because of its size and proximity to earth. The moon
can be observed to cross any particular celestial meridian,
every 27.32166 days, which is the sidereal period of Moon.
The period between the one full moon and next full moon is
29.5306 days which is also called lunar month.
Moon is negative, giving changeable and plastic nature and
rules over personality and form. Moon is considered as a
mind of kalpurush. Moon is the queen of solar system. She is
the Virgin Mary of the Roman Catholics and the mother of
the Heavens. While the Sun pours spirit and life to all planetary
bodies, the moon governs over the life of the beings on earth.
She is the Luna (Diana), the Queen of the night. She is the
Goddess and also a huntress. She governs chastity as well as
Nature :
Moon is a cold, moist, feminine, changeable, receptive and
negative planet. She is lord of North – West direction and
governs Varsha Ritu (August – September). Moon is watery
in nature. Her color is silvery white or sea – green. Her chief
domain is over the mind, the sleep, and all the fruits of the
earth and flowers. She rules over the multitude, the masses,
travelling, female relatives, commerce, business, and such
professions which deal in liquids. She rules over the place of
Physical Features:
Moon gives the native corpulent body, white complexion,
lovely eyes, black and thin hair, tender speech and mild temper.
Parts of the body ruled by moon are left eye of the male and
the right eye of the female, breasts, esophagus, stomach, uterus,
ovaries, lymphatic, bladder, synovial fluid. Waxing moon rules
over the arteries, motor nerves and the muscles while the
waning moon rules the veins, sensory nerves, sense organs
and the glands.
When Moon is afflicted she makes the native unfortunate,
sick in infancy and old age, deformed, impulsive, over anxious,
indecisive, rash, depressed, pessimistic.
When Moon is beneficial she gives high position in public life,
good family life, courtesy, amiable nature, easy – going and
pleasing personality, timidness, magnetism, desire for wealth
and worldly things, interest for psychic subjects and taste for
all delicious fruits.
The diseases indicated by moon are lunacy, eye-disease,
paralysis, hysteria, epilepsy, colic, cough and cold, measles,
intestinal problems, dyspepsia, hydrocele, diseases caused
due to excess of drink, bronchitis, asthama, tumors, nervous
debility, dysentery, cancer, typhoid.
The products represented by moon are oranges, melon, white
poppy, cucumber, palm, mushroom, algae, wintergreen.
pumpkin, mercury, sugarcane, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce,
betel leaves, silver, salt, rice, cream, foreign liquor, fruit juice,
pearl, curd, herbs that turn towards the moon.
Moon represents animals like dog, cat, mouse, amphibious
creatures, horse. She also represents goose, crab, duck,
water- bird, tortoise, owl, and oyster.
Moon represents places like mountains, fortresses, ocean,
river, place of residence etc.
Metals & Gems :
Precious Gems represented by moon are pearl and all white
stones. Metals represented are Silver,tin, and other white
metals. Native whose lord of ascendant is moon can wear the
ring of these stones in silver in ring finger in the constellation of

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