Yoga means combination but in common parlance yoga means
a certain definite or special combination, which adds strength
to the horoscope or removes the vitality from it. Human life
falls under two categories – Yoga and Arishtas or fortunes
and misfortunes. Yogas include success in every sphere of
life. Arishtas or misfortunes include all sorts of miseries of life.
A yoga is formed by more than one planet. For interpreting
yogas, followings are required -
1. The good and evil lords in a horoscope
2. The inherent strengths of planets
3. The residential strength of planets.
In Arishta yoga, longevity of nature is considered. Eighth house
is considered as ‘AYUS STHANA’ or house of longevity
whereas Saturn is considered as ‘Ayuskaraka’ or the
significator of longevity. The third house is 8th from 8th and
therefore it is believed that strong unaffiliated Saturn, 8th and
3rd lords make a native long lived, Life span is governed by
Moon in infancy, by Mars –Venus – Mercury in young age,
by Jupiter in middle age and by Saturn in old age.
Long life :-
(i) If Sun, Moon and Lagna are strong
(ii) Benefics in 10th House
(iii) Malefics in Upachya houses
(iv) Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Sun or Jupiter in 8th House.
(v) Benefics deposited in quadrants and trines.
Medium Life :
(i) Malefics occupying 2nd, 5th , 8th, and 11th signs or in
the 3rd or 4th house.
(ii) A weak lord of Lagna, Jupiter in quadrant, the 5th or
9th sign and a malefic in 6th, 8th , or 12th sign.
(iii) A benefic in quadrant, 5th or 9th sign, a strong Saturn
or another malefic in 6th or 8th sign.
(iv) If benefics and malefics together occupy 5th or 9th
sign or quadrant.
Short Life :
(i) Moon is in 7th , 8th or 12th from Lagna with malefics
without being aspected by benefics.
(ii) Moon in the vicinity of Sun is in 6th house
(iii) Mars in 7th, Rahu in 9th, Saturn in 1st, Jupiter in 3rd,
and Venus in 6th.
(iv) Malefics in 2nd, 6th, 8th and 12th houses.
(i) If Mars, Saturn or Rahu is posited in 4th house and
when this house and its lord are affilicted by other
(ii) Moon or Sun posited in 5th house
(iii) Lord of 10th house aspected by another malefic being
posited in 4th house
(iv) Venus and descending Moon in association with
malefics and aspected by other malefics posited in
4th house
(v) Lord of 7th posited in 4th in combination with a malefic
and aspected by a malefic.
(i) If Mercury is in 4th position from Saturn and lord of
6th house is in 6th, 8th, or 12th house.
(ii) If birth is of night and Venus is 10th from Lagna and
Mercury in 6th house.
(iii) If Lord of 6th in 6th or 12th house and aspected by
(i) If Mercury posited in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces sign
and Moon and Saturn being together aspect Mercury.
(ii) Malefics in Scorpio or Pisces signs and Moon in the
last degrees of any sign being aspected by malefics.
(iii) If combination as per (i) and (ii) exist but Moon is
aspected by benefics, native starts speaking late.
(iv) Malefics in 2nd house, lord of 2nd house is either
combust or debilitated and aspected by malefics and
Sun and Mercury are in Leo sign
(i) If Sun and Mercury are in Leo sign, native stammers.
(ii) If Gemini or Virgo are in 6th house, Malefic is posited
or aspecting 2nd house and Mercury is weak – speech
of native is not clear.
(iii) If Venus of 2nd house is in 3rd Drekanna – native
(i) If Moon is in 12th house, left eye will have problem. If
Sun is in 12th house, both the eyes will have problem.
(ii) If both Sun and Moon are in 12th house both the eyes
will have trouble. However if aspected by benefics
trouble will be in old age.
(iii) Person will become blind if lord of 2nd is associated
with lord of 6th, 8th or 12th and occupies Lagna. If
Lord of 2nd associated with Moon and Venus occupies
Lagna, night blindness is predicted.
(iv) If lord of Lagna is in 2nd house and lord of 2nd in 1st,
6th or 8th house and if Rahu or Ketu associated with
Sun occupies 2nd or 12th house, native will be born
(v) If Venus is together with Rahu, the native will have
eye trouble.
(vi) If Leo is in the Lagna, native will have eye defect
(vii) If Aries is Lagna it may lead to cataract or night
(viii) If Cancer is Lagna, eyes will be dull and unclear.
(i) Wealth is controlled by lords of 2nd, 4th, 9th and 11th
house and by Moon and Jupiter. If lords of 2nd, 4th
and 9th houses are associated either in Lagna chart or
in Navamsa chart and occupy 1st, 2nd or 11th house,
they lead to acquisition of good wealth.
(ii) The lord of 2nd combined with 9th and occupying 11th
with Moon and Jupiter – native will be a millionaire.
(iii) When 2nd house is vacant and aspected by Mercury
– native becomes a wealthy person.
(iv) Mercury occupying the 2nd house and aspected by
Moon – blesses the native with wealth in abundance.
(v) If Jupiter as lord of 2nd house is posited therein and is
associated with Mars, native is considered as Kuber
( Lord of wealth)
(vi) The results of Sl. No (V) will be repeated if there is
an exchange of lords of 2nd and 11th houses.
(i) Strong malefic in the 10th house from Lagna or Moon
and aspected by a benefic gives much wealth through
gambling or lottery.
(ii) If Lords of 6th and 11th house are together and posited
in 11th house, the native wins many times in gambling
and lottery.
(iii) If 5th lord being Venus is in 11th with 6th lord, native
wins huge money in horse racing.
(iv) Person will gain through speculations if lord of 1st and
5th are associated.
(i) If lord or significator of 3rd house is associated with a
benefic or if lord of 3rd house is a benefic or if 3rd
house is very strong, native will have brothers.
(ii) If lord or significator of 3rd house is in quadrant or
trine or in exaltation, friend’s house or own sign, the
native will have brothers.
(iii) If Mercury is in 3rd house and lord of 3rd is associated
with Moon and significator of 3rd house is associated
with Saturn, there will be an elder sister and a younger
(iv) If significator of 3rd house is associated with Rahu or
if lord of 3rd house is in debilitation, native will not
have any younger brother.
(v) If lord of 3rd house and Mars are posited in 8th and
are associated with a malefic, brothers will be born
but will not remain alive.
(vi) If 3rd house is associated with a malefic and Lore of
3rd house conjoins a malefic, the native will have
(vii) If lord of 3rd is in an even sign or Navamsa and if
significator of 3rd house is in 3rd, the native will get a
(viii) If Mercury, Moon, Mars and Jupiter are posited in
3rd and 11th from Lagna and Lagna lord, native will
have number of brothers but if Ketu is posited in such
position native will have more sisters.
(ix) If Sun is in 3rd house native will not have elder brother
and if Mars is there, native will not have younger
(i) If Lord of 4th house is in 4th along with Mercury and
aspected by benefic.
(ii) If lord of 4th, Moon and Lagna are posited in
(iii) If Mercury in exaltation is posited in quadrants or
(iv) If lords of 4th and 10th are strong and posited in 11th
or are aspecting 4th house.

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  1. hi all i have ,Sagittarius lagna ,jupiter is in lagna, but 8th lord moon is in 5th aspecting Saturn in 11th house.

    6-12-1984 time:-08:39 am
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    can u tell me ,why my is social image is suffering , and suffering due to loss of reputation, where as my jupiter is good and lagna lord is in lagna also having hansa yoga.